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May 20, 2021
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September 27, 2021
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Irish Audiology Specialists Give the Gift of Hearing

Five lucky people from around the country, with hearing difficulty, heard some especially good news this week!

Winners in the Hidden Hearing Gift of Hearing summer giveaway were announced, and entrants from Waterford, Dublin, Antrim, Clare and Cork had reason to celebrate. Each will now get the latest new Oticon More hearing aids fitted by their local Hidden Hearing audiologist, completely free, to help restore all the sounds
and experiences missing in their lives.
For many people, the introduction of mask-wearing during Covid showed the extent to which their hearing had deteriorated. Often, without knowing, they were relying on lip-reading to help with poor hearing and missing out on everyday sounds.
One winner, Claire Rosborough, a young mum of three from Carrigaline in Cork, explained that not hearing properly can be isolating.
“Even a simple conversation or enjoying music becomes challenging, and takes from your quality of life and your ability to socialise. Personally, I look forward to not having to worry about missing parts of conversations, or not hearing my kids”, Claire said.
Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s largest exclusive provider of hearing healthcare and regularly gifts hearing aids to deserving recipients who might not otherwise have access to the latest devices.
This latest campaign featured the new life-changing Oticon More hearing aids that use powerful software providing 360-degree surround sound, with more definition than ever.

Connecting People

Over €35,000 worth of hearing aids as well as Vodafone smartphones were won in the Gift of Hearing giveaway. The initiative was designed to help people reconnect with family and
friends after the challenges of the pandemic, which compounded the effects of hearing loss for many. Hearing is essential to connect people, Dolores Madden, Audiologist and
Marketing Director at Hidden Hearing, says. “We see the hugely positive impact hearing aids have in our clinics every day. Until you experience how isolating it can be to literally not be
part of the conversation, or to enjoy the sounds of everyday life, it is hard to imagine the joy of hearing loss being restored”, Dolores Madden says.
“The pandemic taught us the value of staying in touch, and the pleasure of engaging with others. So, it really doesn’t make sense to ignore hearing loss, especially when it is easily fixed with the right hearing aids”, she adds. Research earlier this year for Hidden Hearing showed 88% of Irish adults missed the sound of catch-ups with friends in a café during the Covid-19 period. Nearly 7 in 10 (68%) missed the sound of a busy pub, full of conversation, and 1 in 3 (32%) Irish adults said they missed the sweet sound of music and theatre performances.

Crystal Clear

Oticon More hearing aids provide the ultimate connectivity, linking to other connected devices like phones or the TV. Wearers can stream music favourites directly to their hearing aids, make hands-free calls from any smartphone, or have crystal clear sound direct from the TV or radio. Irish Rugby legend, Tony Ward, is an Oticon More user who says the specifics you can hear are truly
unbelievable. “You can pick up every little sound perfectly naturally. Whether it’s birds singing or water lapping, the sounds that I previously lost are back again, and it’s such a lovely feeling”.
These new life-changing rechargeable hearing aids make sounds up to 60% clearer and help users understand 15% more of what has been said than any other hearing aid developed to date.
A further five lucky entrants in the Gift of Hearing scheme won a hi-tech new Vodafone smartphone. Due to cutting-edge
Bluetooth technology, smartphones can provide the ultimate connectivity to other digital devices like hearing aids, for calls, listening to music, the TV or radio.

Clinics Countrywide
Hidden Hearing clinics operate countrywide. The hearing healthcare providers are Ireland’s longest established exclusive hearing-care experts, with 30 years’ experience in local communities countrywide. Safety protocols are in place at all Hidden Hearing clinics for the utmost patient care, so visitors can attend appointments in complete confidence.
For more information on Hidden Hearing, please visit www.hiddenhearing.ie. You can also freephone 1800 370 000 to book your FREE hearing test today

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