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Free Hearing Aid Batteries in Post from Hidden Hearing

Good Hearing is a Lifeline, Local Audiologist Advises

Free Hearing Aid Batteries in Post from Hidden Hearing

Yvonne Doyle, Hidden Hearing audiologist is advising anyone who uses hearing aids to avail of the offer of free replacement batteries in the post.

Good hearing is essential for anyone cocooning right now, so families should check that their relatives’ hearing aids are in good order at this challenging time, the local audiologist says.

“TVs, radios and telephone calls from friends and family are a lifeline for many people right now.  Even being able to chat over the garden wall to neighbours is an important social contact that relies on good hearing”.

Ireland’s hearing healthcare specialists, Hidden Hearing, is posting out free batteries for hearing aids to all applicants, whether or not they are customers of the Irish company.  There is also a customer telephone and email helpline in place.

Anyone needing hearing aid batteries, whether customers, nursing home or hospital residents, or the general public can contact Hidden Hearing on 1800 370 000, or email info@hiddenhearing.ie to have free replacement batteries posted free of charge.

  • When you text or email Hidden Hearing, please include in your text or email the following details: Name, Address, Phone Number, Battery Size and how many aids you wear.


People have enough stress right now, without having to worry about hearing aids batteries running down, says Dolores Madden, Marketing Director at Hidden Hearing Ireland.

“Our audiologists are now supporting many customers’ online and via telephone enquiries, so issuing free replacement batteries for hearing aids to anyone in need makes sense”.

Online Troubleshooting

Hidden Hearing clinics are now open during selected hours on a part-time basis, on account of lockdown measures, but the hearing specialists are aware that some of their vulnerable elderly clients will be distressed if their hearing aid batteries fail and they don’t have replacements.

Hidden Hearing also has advice online and on its social media platforms to guide people experiencing difficulty with hearing aids or looking for general hearing healthcare information.

Hearing aid users are always reminded to wear their hearing aids, apart from bedtime.  The hearing aid stimulates the brain’s ability to recognise and remember everyday sounds. But when it is not used consistently, hearing pathways in the brain are affected and hearing can worsen.

There is a practical trouble-shooting guide online for keeping hearing aids in good order.  This includes advice on cleaning and brushing wax guards, receivers and microphone ports to remove wax and other dirt, if sound isn’t getting through clearly.

Cold weather and moisture can cause weakened sound or static in hearing aids too, so wearers are advised to wipe them down to make sure they aren’t collecting condensation.

It is also important to ensure rechargeable hearing aids are regularly charged, ideally overnight.


More information is available on www.hiddenhearing.ie, by calling 1800 66 77 11 for general patient enquiries, and 1800 370000 for anyone requesting free hearing aid batteries in the post.

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