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May 8, 2019
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July 2, 2019
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Michael receives FREE hearing aids thanks to supportive wife, Teresa and The Campaign for Better Hearing

Michael, Can You Hear Me? Doting wife writes a compelling letter to see her husband get his hearing sorted

As we age, our senses start to suffer & deplete. One vital sense we can lose is the ability to hear well. Michael Mc Donnell had spent many years being social at work, playing golf & bridge until his hearing started to get worse. He found that he found it awkward playing bridge with his friends that he would miss out on bidding or misinterpret what he had heard which of course would have resulted in playful mockery.

His loving wife Teresa initially came in with him for his hearing test as a source of support for Michael. She saw the difference the hearing aids had made to Michael & saw how much Michael needed them. This caused Teresa to write a heartfelt letter to Enda, Michaels Audiologist.  After speaking with both Teresa & Michael initially during the hearing test, Enda Dooley, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist in Ballsbridge clinic knew he needed to act. They explained due to sad circumstances with an illness that they couldn’t afford the devices Michael needed. Mr Dooley put forward Michael for the Campaign for Better Hearing, Give Back programme & to his delight, Michael was chosen. The giveback programme sees people who couldn’t otherwise afford hearing devices nominated by audiologists each month to receive new devices.

‘Michael has faced a number of struggles in his life due to illness. He has socially secluded himself when now more than ever he should be actively looking and continuing with his hobbies. I nominated Michael simply because he deserved them.’ Enda comments.

Now fitted with free, brand-new world-leading Oticon OPN hearing technology, Michael couldn’t be happier.  He can talk for hours on the phone and has renewed an active social life with more vigour than ever.

“I wouldn’t hear the phone, or I couldn’t make out what people were saying clearly. I would need Teresa to answer the phone or to tell me that someone was at the door or repeat what people would say to me’, Michael says.

The retired Bar Manager is now looking forward to living life better and re-joining group activities. ‘Thank you Hidden Hearing & Thank you Enda & Teresa. These are amazing. Paper is rustling, that tap is dripping. The crisp sounds are … it’s like I forgot what they sounded like and I’m remembering again’ said Michael.

HEAR ARE the FACTS                             

Around *86% of hearing loss in Ireland goes untreated, for several reasons, even though 1 in 5 adults suffer from at least a mild hearing problem.   By the age of 55, one-quarter of the population report a significant deterioration in hearing and, by 65, this applies to one-third of people.

According to Hidden Hearing Marketing Director, Dolores Madden, over half the population between the ages of 60 and 80 are likely to have measurable hearing loss.

“Of all the senses, hearing fundamentally affects our quality of life and has important health and safety implications.  Hearing loss is a simple fact of life, as we age, and needs treatment like any other health condition.

Good hearing facilitates communication, social interaction, relationships and day to day activities.  It also means we are alerted to danger and more conscious of it”, Dolores Madden explains.

In the region of 100,000 people may be risking the knock-on physical and psychological impacts of untreated hearing loss which, Hidden Hearing reports, has been shown to include social isolation, depression, dementia, poor heart health and stroke.

Hidden Hearing’s Campaign for Better Hearing is supported by Daniel and Majella O’Donnell and aims to educate the public on taking care of their hearing, just as they would look after their teeth, eyesight, blood pressure or cholesterol.

The campaign encourages everyone over the age of 50 to have a free hearing test, and the Hidden Hearing “Give Back” programme fits complimentary hearing devices for deserving recipients.

Free hearing testing is available in over 80 state-of-the-art Hidden Hearing clinics throughout Ireland, as the healthcare provider drives home the message that taking care of hearing is essential, not least because life is worth hearing!

Book your FREE hearing test today with Hidden Hearing. If you have a problem with earwax, you can also avail of FREE earwax removal if you are over the age of 50.

You can call 1890 80 40 50 to book your free hearing test today.

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