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December 7, 2018
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Busy Grandmother of 14 receives the gift of hearing this Christmas

Bernie’s hearing loss story

Bernie Fox from Darndale, Co. Dublin is a busy grandmother of 14, was another happy recipient of the Giveback’ Oticon OPN hearing device. Audiologist, Teodora Daneva audiologist from Hidden Hearing nominated Bernie, who has been hard of hearing since the age of 11. She suffered from TB as a child and received penicillin for the TB treatment. At the time she was unaware that she was allergic to it.

Bernie like many people suffering from hearing loss had never acted on it as she didn’t know about the treatment options available to her. Bernie’s hesitance is common place today, with most people waiting on average 10 years to address their hearing loss. This delay unfortunately impacts significantly on general health and well-being too.

Speaking from an audiologist’s perspective Teodora said that Bernie had lost her hearing in her left ear and as a result she was “basically relying on her left ear”. Bernie initially felt she would be self-conscious as she “would see these huge things in people’s ears”. But the hearing devices gifted to Bernie through Giveback are so small “she can hardly believe that they are there”.

“Hearing loss is a simple fact of life” says Teodora – Taking care of your hearing as you would with any other part of your body can improve social interaction and supports relationships. Bernie is delighted with her new device “first thing I have ever won in my life and I’m so happy” I notice the difference so much – thank you Teodora & thank you Hidden Hearing.”


86% of Hearing Loss Untreated        

Over three-quarters of hearing loss in Ireland goes untreated, for various reasons, even though 1 in 5 adults suffer from at least a mild hearing problem.   By the age of 55, a quarter of the population report a significant deterioration in their hearing and, by 65, this applies to one third of people.

Dolores Madden, the Hidden Hearing Marketing Director, says that over half the population between the ages of 60 and 80 are likely to have measurable hearing loss, which they really need to address.

“Of all the senses, hearing really affects our quality of life and has significant health and safety implications.  It is a simple fact of life that, as we age, everyone’s hearing gets worse.  It can be a nuisance though, and isolating, so hearing loss must be treated, just like any other health condition”.

Hidden Hearing’s Campaign for Better Hearing is supported by Daniel and Majella O’Donnell and is designed to educate the public on taking care of their hearing, just as they would look after their teeth, eyesight, blood pressure or cholesterol.

The Give Back Programme, which is an integral part of The Campaign for Better Hearing sees all branches of Hidden Hearing nominate a member of the community to get a free hearing device fitted. Hidden Hearing want to drive the message of the importance of good hearing and improve hearing health in those who they feel need it, because life is worth hearing.

Hidden Hearing branches countrywide offer help and advice for anyone worried about hearing loss and can provide detail of grants for medical card holders, tax relief and PRSI treatment benefits.

Free Hearing Test available

Free hearing testing is available in over 80 state-of-the-art Hidden Hearing clinics throughout Ireland, as the healthcare provider drives home the message that taking care of hearing is essential, not least because life is worth hearing!


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