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I feel better because of it and it’s made a big difference to my life

Maurice Hannon from Listowel is delighted to have been chosen by Hidden Hearing, which is Ireland’s leading provider of hearing healthcare, as part of their campaign for better hearing – ‘Give Back Programme’.

Colin O’Brien (right) who fitted Hearing Aids to Maurice Hannon with (left) his son Morice Hannon at Hidden Hearing, Scott’s Street, Killarney.
Photo by Michelle Cooper Galvin

Maurice, who has moderate to severe bilateral hearing loss, was chosen for the fitting by Audiologist, Colin O’Brien. Maurice said the new hearing aid has made a big improvement on his quality of life. Maurice is currently undergoing treatment for cancer so having his hearing restored has naturally improved his overall outlook. He can now engage in conversations and watch television without having the sound up too loud.

“It’s been brilliant and it’s made a huge difference to me. I was driving the family mad with the sound of the television, but even to be able to have a conversation is great,” Maurice said.

Maurice Hannon at Hidden Hearing, Scott’s Street, Killarney with Colin O’Brien and Sharon Richards.
Photo by Michelle Cooper Galvin

Maurice explains that the sense of inclusion he now enjoys has given him a real boost as he admits that he felt withdrawn from social settings and conversations prior to the fitting.

“The hearing aid is very discreet. I used to have the TV volume at 92 before the hearing aid. But I know listen to TV with the sound at 26. That’s a major difference. I feel better because of it and it’s made a big difference to my life. I would recommend Hidden Hearing to anyone. They were very kind and professional in dealing with me, and I want to thank them,” he added.

Audiologist Colin O’Brien felt Maurice was a worthy recipient considering he has been through a difficult time in recent years battling cancer. This journey has also taken its toll financially on the family and Maurice was unable to afford the hearing instruments, even on a finance plan.

“It’s given us a huge uplift to see both Maurice and his family overwhelmed with his newfound hearing. It’s very rewarding for me personally, and for Hidden Hearing,” Colin said.

“Maurice’s son, Morice, accompanied him on the day of the consultation and he mentioned afterward how it was the first time in years that he didn’t have to repeat everything he said back to his father, thanks to the hearing aid.”

Colin added that after hearing Maurice’s story and witnessing his joy in hearing again, it brings home to him just how much Hidden Hearing can make a difference to people’s lives. In Maurice’s case, it’s given him the opportunity to enjoy life, and those closest to him, especially at this time.

More information on Ireland’s Campaign for Better Hearing is available online at and on You can also call 1890 80 40 50 for more information.

In Memory of Maurice Hannon, Giveback Recipient from Killarney 11/10/1947 – 20/05/2019

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